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Scientific and research activity

The research conducted in the Faculty of Agriculture and Biology concerns three disciplines:

  • agronomy
  • ecology and environmental protection
  • biology

The research in the field of agronomy focuses on the improvement of plant production technology in various agricultural systems, taking into account the crop quality, and on minimising their negative influence on the natural environment.

The research in the field of ecology and environment protection concerns the changes in soil properties caused by man in various ecosystems and the method of soil protection and recultivation.

The research in the field of biology focuses on the biological progress in plant production, including:

  • the study of the photosynthetic productivity of basic and alternative cultivated plants.
  • the study of the mutual relations between plants and symbiotic organisms, pathogens, and the abiotic environmental conditions.
  • the study of the influence of abiotic stress on the metabolism of cultivated plants.