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The offer for enterprises

The offer of the Faculty of Agriculture and Biology for enterprises/business covers the range of 3 disciplines:

  • agronomy
  • ecology and environmental protection
  • biology

Agronomy – providing training courses, consultancy, expertises with regard to:

  • agrotechnique for cereales, root, oleaginous and papilionaceous plants, preparing business plans concerning plant production;
  • plant cultivation on various soils, designing crop rotation in various agricultural systems, weed elimination by means of various methods;
  • the selection of species and varieties for the grassland mixtures, proper use, care and renovation of meadows and pastures.

Ecology and environmental protection – providing research, expertises, training courses and consultancy with regard to:

  • soil-forming processes and their origins, the properties of soil humus, preparing soil maps, contamination of soil, waste, sewage, sewage residues, plants, contamination of plants, food by heavy metals, fertilizer components and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs);
  • organic and mineral fertilizers, fertilizing technologies for various plant species, production technologies for new fertilizers, secondary use of certain organic wastes for fertilizing, the effect of fertilization on the environment.

Biology – providing research, expertises, training and consultancy with regard to:

  • the level of organic compounds in biologic material (proteins, sugars, fats, enzymes, nucleic acids, dyes, amino acids, etc.), enzyme activity, fractioning proteins by means of chromatography methods, determining the molecular mass of micromolecules;
  • molecular analysis of genes and/or regulatory sequences, the photosynthetic productivity of basic and alternative cultivated plants;
  • criteria of plants selection for abiotic stresses, plant cultivation and breeding, energy plants processing, assessment and improvement of the seed quality of various plant species;

mutual relations between plants and symbiotic organisms, pathogens and abiotic environmental conditions, the ultrastructure of cells, tissues, plant parts by means of the transmission and scanning microscopes